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Why I run Adblock Plus and Ghostery...

A few topics came up on my radar recently that questioned whether or not AdBlock Plus is a security risk because several websites are now asking users to disable it for their website and claimed AdBlock Plus is a security risk.

That got me thinking about why I really run both AdBlock Plus and Ghostery. I trust both plugins because they do their job VERY well, are generally trusted products by millions of people, and, most importantly, are open source software. However, the reason I run these tools is not the usual "ads are annoying" or "privacy is important" reasons that I see bandied about. I run them because NOT running these tools introduce security vulnerabilities and serious performance degradation into the web browser stack and those using ad servers do not follow the law. Here are a few reasons as to why you should be running *at least* AdBlock Plus:

Ad server operators are notorious for running any ad, including ads that deploy malware. It is not uncom…

Writing software without copyright still needs a license

Let's say for a moment that you are writing some software that you want to release into the public domain. That is, you don't want to claim that you own a copyright on the software. This is very rare to see in the first place, but it does happen. Interestingly, Copyright Law doesn't do anything but protect others from copying and modifying your work. Neither public domain software nor copyright protected software protect the author from lawsuits that arise from damages involving the use of the software. In layman's terms, you still need a license to protect yourself from liability lawsuits.

Unfortunately, it seems like there aren't any OSI approved licenses for software authors that are prepackaged and ready for use with public domain software. The OSI actually doesn't have such a license because it believes it can't correctly define what Public Domain means to the author within the license itself. I disagree with that assessment.

Having researched…