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Merry Christmas

Apparently my mom (erm, "Santa Claus") has determined that I should get black socks. Unfortunately, my choice in socks is a little bizarre. See, I am your traditional "geek" and therefore wear equivalently odd clothing. Okay, so the black socks are to look all professional and what-not and that is fine, but let's step outside in these black socks for about two seconds.


Brr. That was cold (sub-zero temperatures here). And guess what? My feet froze. Now I've got to thaw out. And in the meantime, I had to endure the uncomfortable nature of these socks.

So, what is my definition of a good pair of black socks? First off, they have to be comfortable. I can't find a single pair of black socks on eBay that sound comfortable. I like 100% cotton in my socks. I see pairs with spandex and nylon and rayon and all sorts of other uncomfortable materials. Comfort is also defined by how warm I stay with them on. Since I have almost no body fat, I chill easily. Therefore, the higher up the sock goes, the warmer my legs will stay. I have figured out, through scientific experimentation, that knee-high socks (my definition of "knee-high" means it comes right up to just under the ball part of the tibia) keep me the warmest without looking too geeky/nerdy. By the way, ankle-high and crew black socks look really tacky when people sit down - their legs show - as well as nasty leg hair on some men. The world doesn't want to see it, so wear longer socks least if you care about looking professional.

What is this all about? I'm not sure yet, but I'll keep blogging as the day unfolds. I think it has something to do with going to trade shows and what-not. My mom is especially picky about how I look when I go out someplace. I could almost care less.

That said, I really should care about how I look when I go to trade shows. Right now, all I have are knee-high (by my definition above), 100% cotton, grey socks. Those things rock. I can't find them in any color other than grey. Looking your best at a trade show makes you look better than the guy in the next booth. How you look and act is going to either drive away some business or draw it in like crazy. So, it does matter and I should care, but I don't. The main reason is that no one sees my grey socks because the pants on my suits are really long legged (but not so long that they touch the ground). When sitting, the legs still cover the shoes well enough.

I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a good set of black socks for years and no one has the genius idea to make them comfortable in the dead of winter and yet look good. Way to go for the lack of innovation in the U.S.

Anyway, have a great Christmas.

Edit - Nothing with the socks happened. Guess it was just a random pair of black socks or something.