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The English language.

"i am having TreeCtrl which have check box can any body tell me how to get check box click event or
what iwan to do is to select the child notes when theparent node is selected???
can any oyd help me????????????"

The English language is a rich language. Please do not misuse it. As programmers who participate in the art of writing code (it is an art) and the science of writing code (it is a science) know how important it is to have detailed and complete comments. Their comments in programming forums should be of equal value.

I found the above paragraph on a random forum. I'm sure Google will turn up where it came from, but realize that the topic of this is not about where the source is, but to use it as a mere example of the broad problem that plagues programmers. Programmers simply don't know how to write in English. If they can't write good English, they will be lousy commenters and therefore lousy programmers - no matter how good their coding skills are. They are good at the science part - the logical thinking. They are lousy at the art part - the creative writing. In school, 50% is a failing grade. In the business world, less than 100% is a failing grade. Any programmer who fails to see this is a lousy programmer.

Since the English language is a rich and bountiful language, I will now kindly step on everyone's phalanges. If you can write well, stop making abominations of the language that hurt my eyes like the above. If you can't write well, just stop communicating in writing. Start developing technology that allows you to communicate in your native tongue instead.

Seriously - stop writing the above garbage. Start communicating with the world in a way we English-speaking people can understand. No one knows what you mean grammatically by "i am having TreeCtrl". You might be developing a TreeCtrl or instead of a baby, you are giving birth to a TreeCtrl. The former is more likely, but the phrase 'i am having' being used before a proper noun is typically in reference to bearing a child (or having visitors come to your house - some might think the latter is worse if they are the out-laws). The English-speaking world is therefore grossed out that you are bearing a TreeCtrl in your womb. Hopefully it doesn't take more than 9 months to develop.