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MSDN Library vs. "Grandma"

Dear Microsoft,

Can you PLEASE stop using pictures of people on the MSDN Library CDs/DVDs? No offense, but this latest release has me realizing that I don't want to be looking at someone else's "grandma" for three months (the last one with that guy with the nasty goatee grossed me out for three months and this one is already making my stomach churn and my face turn green). While I'm at it, I don't want to be looking at anyone - about:blank suits me just fine. I'm sorely tempted to rollback several releases until I find a better-looking picture. But I know Microsoft wants to always look and sound impressive, so pictures of tech. stuff works fine by me. Come on, seriously, you've got plenty of geek toys lying around - Pocket PCs, Tablet PCs, that new mouse with the horizontal scroll - we're geeks and are more than willing to drool over cool stuff. Just no more people for a while...

If you _absolutely_ have to use people, then stop making them look like putzes (e.g. look at "grandma"'s eyes). The people know they are getting their picture taken and have that "look" in their eyes that says as much. The pictures are forced and really don't convey any meaning (other than that I have to look at a putzing, posessed "grandma" this quarter).


(Who in the world dreams up the junk on the front page of MSDN Library anyway? I know I've never clicked on anything in it, so I doubt anyone else seriously developing software actually does either. Might want to take that into consideration for the next release as well.)