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Day 2 - SIC 2005

Today I found out that Internet access is "free" at the expense of moving to a public area and having to turn on my computer's firewall. However, that is a small price to pay compared to the rediculous $9.95 US per 24 hours of access that was originally thought to exist. Very few places actually do that rate any more. I guess they can get away with it because the hotel is "super fancy." Silly hotel.

I hung out with a couple people (Hi Carolyn and Jessie) from TechSmith today (a former life) after they spotted me. Well, technically I spotted them first, but only because I knew they were coming because they are sponsoring SIC 2005. I told them about this blog, so they are probably thrilled I mentioned them (and possibly annoyed as well because I mentioned them).

I met a whole ton of people today from a number of companies. As usual, I supplied all sorts of advice and advertised my products - perfecting my sales pitch for the ShareWrap product. Actually, I found out the trade show is tomorrow evening (giving me more time to prepare a flashy awesome presentation - assuming I haven't told everyone at that point). I am crossing my fingers for five minutes and hoping that enough people subscribe to the service to make it worth bringing 200 lbs. of equipment to an exhibit. Actually, I was sort of panicking inside today because I desperately needed a USB drive of any size. I found someone who was willing to part with a brand-new, unopened package for about $40 US (256MB PNY with locking capabilities). It has been an unspoken toy on Christmas lists for several years now. My younger brother actually got one before me and I was the one who bought it...go figure :P

By the way, contrary to popular opinion on c-prog, I am alive and am still the owner of the list. Hello to the 5,000 c-prog users out there reading this. Having Internet access is such a relief. I can check up on all sorts of things.

SIC has a nifty webcam on its website:

I've learned a lot of marketing techniques today that I will be trying out in the future on my website. Including some SEO ideas that I had formerly labeled as great ways to get banned from search engines. However, I just found out today that one of my common tactics for getting users to remember products may actually cause me to be blacklisted from can bet that issue is going to be fixed in a jiffy when I get back.

I keep getting lost time-wise. I, for some completely bizarre reason, refuse to change my clocks back two hours. In fact, this past year I did not change my clocks for daylight savings time. Boy was that confusing. A lot of people including a few customers were relieved when everyone else switched back to my timezone (whatever that is) for the summer months.

I've already formed a few mini partnerships to help strengthen my company's sales and ShareWrap seems to be having an interesting effect on even the companies here that use Armadillo. It appears to have good reception - either that or people are just being nice to me because I look like the starving, legless, armless, goatless boy from Bakalavitalagooshen. Only I have legs. And arms. And I'm not exactly starving. Therefore, I must be on the Bakalavitalagooshen timezone.

I better wrap this up. The people here are looking at me strangely and may decide to discover what this blog is all about. I guess I don't mind, but there might be undue mental stress involved if they do read it before buying my products.