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Google has nifty feature.

If anyone can figure out how Google is selecting what links appear on certain searches, I would really like to know.

Here is what I'm referring to:

Each of those three searches return four select links to sections of each company's website. What I want to know is how Google is deciding what links come up. This is possibly the biggest feature they have put together in a long time. It seems to me that anyone can benefit from this, but the rules seem really sketchy at best. It looks like different subdomains are favored, but then why is CNet inconsistent? It also appears that you can only have 15 characters for each displayed link.

I've not cared much for SEO until now. This, however, piques my interest because this potentially allows searchers to quickly find what they are looking for if they know your company name or website name but not the target product name. Or they know the product name and you want to show related products (e.g. popular plug-ins for the product) right inside Google. People tend to get lost on websites after finding them with Google - it makes sense to help them out as much as possible while on Google.

Unfortunately, there will be those idiots out there who will try to abuse the feature, which means Google will probably be forced to lock it down or remove it. Those people should not be allowed to touch a computer let alone have Internet access. That would save the rest of us from the usual migraines and wasted time.