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I figure that I should probably do something productive so I don't appear to always be Mr. Doom-and-Gloom. So, I'm going to review a piece of software I ran across recently. It is called NoWindow:

This application has almost no Google PageRank and I found it only by pure accident. NoWindow's purpose is to start any application without displaying any windows. It is the perfect tool for system administrators that have long-running scripts that sit on web servers. It relegates console Windows running things like PHP and Perl scripts to run hidden behind the scenes.

I'm actually surprised that there are no similar applications out there. I have actually contacted the author of NoWindow and v1.1 was the result of that contact. The author is quite a nice guy and is very willing to make modifications and accept patches for the application.

The amazing part is that the application is only a couple hundred lines of code. Very simplistic but gives a lot of flexibility to system administrators wanting to hide ugly looking windows and prevent programs from being accidentally terminated.

Hopefully this will encourage people to submit their software to me for review. I love experimenting with new software packages and providing feedback. Even though I am slightly harsh in this blog much of the time, I'm actually just a nice guy at heart :) This blog is mostly just my "let off a bit of steam" area.


  1. Thomas. It has been a while. I had wondered what happened to you.

    Jonathan William Vertanen

  2. Well, I haven't kicked the bucket yet if that's what you're asking :P

    What have you been up to lately?

    (It might be more appropriate to take further discussion out of my public blog - visit and pick any ol' contact e-mail - I'll get it).


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