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You wouldn't believe

How difficult it is to find a list of all the compile-time variables available from the Visual Studio IDE. I had to dig around and search for something like 4 of them among the various projects I have to put in Google and even then I had to scroll down to the bottom of the first page of links.

Microsoft seems to be intentionally messing up Google search results. Then again, their own search engine can't find that page. This doesn't make sense. They obviously want people to use their search engine, but if it can't find stuff, let Google find stuff for you and don't pull dumb tricks to stop them from scanning the site.

Unfortunately, I don't see anything there that will help me a lot. So frustrating.

Those pictures ARE coming. I haven't taken them yet because I'm trying out multiple ideas for working copy mobilization of a subversion repository. One method definitely works (SVNCopy - a tool I wrote) but someone mentioned another possibility and it isn't working. Visual Studio is being really dumb about linking files across multiple drives. Even I could figure out where the data is but apparently some programmer at Microsoft is severely incompetent. I wouldn't doubt it either. I recently saw a video of some guy on "Channel 9" (MSDN) who blabbed on forever about something but what stuck out was that he admitted that works on the Visual Studio team and also admitted he knew nothing when he joined Microsoft. That explains a few things.

Until today I haven't had more than the occasional problem with Intellisense. With this latest experiment, Visual Studio is completely barfing.