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The Internet brings out the weirdest people...

...And they end up on my blog. For some weird reason or other, this blog attracts the weirdest people. Not that it is bad, it just is weird. For instance, my last post caused a RentACoder troller to show up and start ranting, uh...trolling...about some RentACoder experience that happened years ago. I deleted the messages and turned on comment moderation. I figured normal people would show up but they haven't.

Well, one exception: One of my posts _finally_ had a normal, everyday person who used it and actually appreciated the post. It was my "Lexmark Printer Driver Removal" post where I provided a tool (old-school batch file) to completely remove what Lexmark was unable to remove with their uninstaller.

I suppose talking geek just automatically attracts the wrong crowd. If I started talking about how to use Windows Movie Maker 2 or did Photoshop tutorials on forum avatar creation (borderline geek) or how to safely lose weight (most weight loss programs are unsafe - including those prescribed by doctors), normal people would probably show up.

That reminds me, someone said to me a couple days ago that I should write a book on how to lose weight. I only weigh 120 lbs. - very unsafe weight (zero body fat - literally) but try as I might, I can't bring myself to eat the foods that would cause me to gain weight. Might as well start formulating how to do the book. Initial thoughts crossing my mind are, uh, "picture book". Oooh...that's evil... Hehe. Such a book would, uh, diversify my product line. My goal is to have a diverse product line and this would certainly contribute to that goal.

And normal people might start showing up.