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The world's first unified language

is source code. The various programming languages on the planet. It never ceases to amaze me, I can go to a page completely written in Japanese but the moment they get to source code, they start speaking a language I understand. I don't know a single word of Kanjii, but I do know C/C++ and even if the programming language isn't something I know, I can understand the gist of what the person is trying to get across.

Unlike most languages that carry cultural baggage, source code is internationally independent. Sure it is "written in English", but that is inconsequential. Most of those same Japanese pages use unrecognizable variable names and comments, but it is really easy to figure out what they are saying based on the source code...even the Japanese parts.

For some reason I see more Japanese results for really cool but slightly obscure stuff than any other country. And they seem to write better quality code than most American programmers. While businesses outsource their software development to India, Japan seems like a better choice unless all you are after is cheaper labor and don't care about the quality of the programmers you'll get. But then you can't complain about the Nike sweatshops.


  1. Well Quality and cost are directly proportional, in this world anyone c an write quality code if he gets the right price. what all are trying is to get high quality at cheap price....i dont think its coming from Japan!


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