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And out of the blue...a job offer...

Out of the blue I received today in my in-box (just now checking my e-mail - yes I'm still running on empty in terms of sleep) a job offer from Google. Well, not an offer per se, but somehow, somewhere I made a significant impression.

The amazing thing is that I haven't sent my resume anywhere. In fact, it is sorely out of date - been busy with the whole CubicleSoft thing. A Google Internet recruiter came to me. Could have been the article I just put up on CodeProject, but who knows? (Maybe I'm more important than I think I am...don't let that go to my head now :P ).

I'm not going to do anything about it today. I'm too tired. And likely to royally mess up something I'd be smacking my head against a brick wall over for the next 10 years. Best to get some sleep first before doing or saying anything I'll regret. Amazingly enough, I'm still pretty lucid.