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Labeled a spammer...

Oh this is just great. I just got labeled as a spam blog. Here is the warning that I received when I logged into my blog today:


This blog has been locked by Blogger's spam-prevention robots. You will not be able to publish your posts, but you will be able to save them as drafts.

Save your post as a draft or click here for more about what's going on and how to get your blog unlocked.

Here is what blogger says about why this happens:

What We're Doing About Spam

Needless to say, we do not approve of spamming here at Blogger. Below are some of the things we've implemented to remove and reduce spam on our service. We will update this list as we continue our efforts.

Automated spam classifying algorithms keep spam blogs out of NextBlog and out of our "Recently Published" list on the dashboard.

The same classifiers are used to require an extra word verification field on the posting form for potential spam blogs. This makes it harder for spammers to set up automated systems to do their posting, since a human needs to complete this step.

The Flag as Objectionable button in the Navbar lets you notify us of problem blogs that you find, so we can review them and take appropriate action.

Let's take a look at why this might have happened from least likely to most likely:

1) The sudden spike in traffic and comments.

2) A whole bunch of people clicked the "report this blog/flag as objectionable" link out of sheer spite. That would imply people don't like me...but, but, but...everyone likes me! I can imagine Microsoft employees doing that for discovering their secret Windows Update but they would first have to find this blog. That isn't likely either.

3) Yesterday's post on a new type of spam. But there is other content in that post, so it shouldn't be a problem unless they have lousy filters.

4) The whole "old hash"/"new hash" thing in the modified secret Windows Update post. I can see this as a major problem for various anti-spam algorithms. It does look like gobbledygook despite being perfectly legit.

Yet another reason I'm seriously disliking Blogger. Ooh! I've got a great idea. Let's add gasoline to the fire! If I get any more ticked off, I'll end up heading over to and get something better.

Edit: Took almost 24 hours for Google to get around to declaring my blog spam-free.


  1. I got labeled to... just trying to promote as a publisher and i get labeled a spammer... if they don't fix this i guess we move on to a new blog site

  2. Yeah, same thing happened to me yesterday and I didn't find out until today. I'm terribly ticked-off, but I'm well aware of how just dumb-stupid computerized robots are. They are totally incapable of doing anything other than follow their programming to the letter.
    Every other blog-host on the internet that I'm aware of has the same problem. Only thing i can suggest is to purchase a blogging template program (like WordPress) for your own website and go for it!
    That is an option I am very seriously considering at this point!

  3. I've thought about using specialized blog software such as WP but Google/Blogger does have a couple perks. For instance, if this blog ever gets Slashdotted, Google has enough hardware and bandwidth muscle to withstand the onslaught of visitors.

    But, beyond that, I agree that Blogger is a pretty lousy piece of software.

  4. The thing about this "locked for spamming" business, is, I have NO idea WHY I've been labelled a spammer! I don't have a copy of the algorhithm and I can't figure out what's going on. Do I refer to my other blogs too much? Or my friends' blogs? But that's part of what community is about, isn't it? BAH!! HUMBUG! I'm disgusted! And why does it take so much time to get un-locked?? 4 days is an AGE in the blog biz.

  5. I'm beginning to think the "Flag This Blog" button at the top of every blog is not as innocent as it seems. Pick a "frequently updated" blog, throw an automated botnet at the button, and poof! No more posts to the blog.

    You could try here:

    Blogger Help

    According to various sources, I've been told the Google CAPTCHA has been broken. Which may be the reason for the slower turnaround - having to deal with more locked blogs due to spammers and all that.

    Google CAPTCHA broken

  6. Hi Same thing happend to me yesterday and I found actually nothing wrong.
    I have used my blog properly so if the problem is not fixed, I will move to the next blog in few weeks!

  7. I had just started a new blog, no links, just a single line on the very first post. Jeez.

  8. I had one too.They think i'm spammed them? Never!

  9. I am labeled spam.. now I am feeling some loser with nothing better to do is hell bent on harassing bloggers. I am writing some helpful info.. get real here.

  10. I got labelled too and am v. annoyed- still waiting to be cleared, fair enough if I got flaged by an idiot (nothing to flag on my blog, especially as there are no links created by me in it at all, and I only made it a few days ago)Why?!? These guys need to tell users if they are flagged etc., not just say your labelled, but why.And they need to get it sorted sooner- Still waiting!!!

  11. Three people posting comments here in a two day period? Hmm...seems like Google made some changes. And not very good ones at that.

  12. About 5 hours ago, I got labeled a spammer too!

    I had 4 links to 1 of my sites in my first post. Wasn't aware that this was classified as spamming.

    Silly thing is tho, I only had 1 link to another 1 of my sites in the 2nd post.

    Am wondering why the spambots didn't lock my blog on my 1st post?


  13. Same here, I think mine was because I made a reader mad with a post I made saying a certain survey site is a scam. They left me a nasty anonymous comment and next thing I know I was closed for spamming and its been over a week and my blog still hasn't been restored or checked out.
    Please blogger help us stop this nonsense!

  14. Well here goes I got called a spammer as well, I had no links, general information so I could not have made anyone mad, I wrote it myself, I did not put the names of anyone in it.

    I have only friends online have not made to many enemies.

    So ok why then you might ask, am I being called a spammer, I have no clue since I just started yesterday. I am not amused. I already use Word Press and I have a lot of sites I just wanted to try out the blogger system, So I am really irritated.

  15. I'm new to blogging so am unaware what words or pics qualifies as spam? I just sent my brand new blog to all my friends and am humiliated it's under 'spam review'. Now no one will bother to come back and read it!

  16. i have had it happen to 9 times in 2 weeks.

  17. my blog has been deleted by blogger..its been marked as spam..
    how to recover my deleted blog?
    anyone can help?

  18. My blog is a blog that contains content from amazon. when amazon itself has allowed me to post any content. but why my blog is also considered sebai spam?
    is there any way to avoid it, please help me?

  19. i was label with two of my blogs for no reason I have videos of my blogs they were not spam blogs I think that the robots need to be updated as to what they are looking for the links on my sites are to my products or other blogs are we not to post links

  20. Guess what? I'm a spammer! I don't know when I decided to do that, but I guess the determination was made for me. I have a faith based blog, so I'm not sure if someone flagged it or if the links I was putting in tripped one of those fancy algorithms. Here's a note Google: Do no evil...the links were to YouTube content, which is one of your products. I know...Crazy! I'll keep you updated as I get it resolved. Time to find another platform.

  21. Good topic (robot updates)but I believe this is all to to Googles changing of the algorythme to stop auto blogging .My first site went down as I was placing my tracking into the ad codes and all of a sudden it stopped me from editing any thing even a position change .I was in browser mode so I could center some ads and mark some for moving to get aesthetically sound then 4 hours later they apologized and still waiting for the unlock. that was the 8th today at 3am another one while doing the same thing DAMMIT!

  22. I notice the dates of comments but Jeez, today is 27 April 2011 and still google cain't get their act together. My blog has been down for days and I'm 24 hours in since I discovered how to request them to unlock me. I'm definitely in the Not Guilty camp (Innocent) with regards spamming but to the world it makes me look suspect. Would it happen to Coca-Cola? Don't think so!


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