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Replies to e-mails

I was sitting and thinking today, "Why is it so difficult to find the reply I sent to that person?"

Most e-mail clients track who you have replied to and, almost always, that message is sitting in the "Sent Items" folder or something similar. GMail includes all replies to a message in the view but I don't really like that. If an e-mail client can track what e-mails have been replied much harder is it to also store a pointer at the message that was sent as the reply? Then you could right-click in the e-mail client, click a "View reply" menu item, and immediately jump to the reply message. If you replied more than once, a dialog box would pop up asking which reply to jump to.

This feature could be implemented in probably 30 minutes. Yet no one has bothered to do so.


  1. You know, I used to use Pegasus Mail. Still have it on another computer. It's pretty cool, and I'll just bet your little reply-to utility could be added and implemented rather easily. Of course, you seem to be committed to a web-based e-mail solution...

  2. I use Thunderbird. I can't stand webmail, including GMail.


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