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Free E-mail to SMS/MMS Gateways in JSON format

I just released a new project on GitHub:

If you aren't a developer, then you probably won't care.  Basically, I burned my weekend constructing a JSON array by hand that maps countries and carriers together that provide a free e-mail to SMS/MMS gateway.  Well, it is free for software developers.  Charges, of course, still apply to the recipient of the SMS/MMS messages.

GitHub makes it really easy to keep that mess up-to-date.  Other people supply pull requests, I click a button to accept them.  Bam!  The list is updated.  Then everyone using the list pulls the latest list and...Bam!  Everyone's software is running with the absolute latest information.  It is a nice, clean system.

I've got a use for this project but it is going to play a smaller role than I originally dreamed up. Carriers need to get their act together and form a consistent strategy that developers can rely upon.  Standards committees exist for a reason - they are usually found wherever multiple vendors and headaches are involved.

Also, JSON is awesome.  But you already knew that.  Right?


  1. Good work. But yes I agree that the operators are a pain. Shame we don't have 1 good free email to sms provider like the old waterbyte or cellone provider.

  2. Great job man. You are a life saver


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