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Hmm...I wonder...

I just found out that the republicans now have a majority in both the house and senate and governor races. This is particularly unusual and actually is a HUGE plus for software developers. In fact, this is the best possible scenario that could have ever been created.

A decidedly complete republican majority has, more or less, meant better economics in the short term. Now, while the President has no effect on the economy, the government can play a small role in improving it for a short time (a couple years). Here is what I mean by this:

Microsoft Windows has a window of opportunity for Longhorn that they can't afford to pass up. Even if it means releasing it early in late 2005.

I have consistently predicted that Linux could take on Longhorn and take out Microsoft if the developers bothered to work on a little thing called usability testing. However, my predictions depend on an early 2006 official release and mid-2005 beta for Windows developers. Assuming pretty decent stability, an early 2006 release would squash Linux into a corner for an additional 4 to 6 years.

Of course, this means that not only Microsoft has this nifty window of opportunity, but also any developer out there who has an idea for a product. You just have to get it out there within the next 6-8 months to take advantage of this unique opportunity that comes around maybe once every 30 years.