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Bit manipulation...

Completely unrelated to what I want to talk about (but got me thinking about CubicSpot):

Mark Jen got fired from Google after leaving Microsoft and putting information about Google on his blog, which is above. It was easy enough to find - thanks to Google it was the "I Feel Lucky" link from my keyword search "Mark Jen".

CubicleSoft ( has been tasked with the task (there's an interesting paradox - tasking people with a task is a task that has to have been tasked) to move roughly 1.5 million lines of C code to C++. The process isn't incredibly involved because a majority of the code has already been written in a modular format and has been well debugged. It is just the stuff that isn't modularly written (or the stuff that needs to be _re-written_) that is the major time killer, what with all brand-new test cases and what-not. As such, I haven't been loyally blogging to my heart's content because everyone's brains have been in a fog (including mine).

Ever get one of those days where you sit in front of the computer monitor and stare so long that when you look away, you suddenly realize that your brain is in a fog and you can feel it but can't do anything about it? If I sit for hours on end doing nothing but code, I get that way. It doesn't help that the outside weather is nasty grey to coincide with the grey matter inside.

The main reason my brain is in a fog today is because I have been manipulating bits. Why do I get the bit manipulation tasks? They aren't exactly hard, per se, just highly annoying. Usually I stare at pixels and make pretty pictures (of the 16x16 icon sort) to get into the fog I'm in now, but today it is bits. Not bytes or words or dwords (or qwords?). Just bits. Zeroes and ones. Off and on. bdldadbdldadldbldlaldbldalptptptttt. There's a real word for you. Go look it up in the dictionary.

There are a multitude of ways I recover from this mess. One is to go outside into the nasty grey weather. Another is to watch cartoons until my brain rots. Another is to play some mind numbing video game. Another is to read a technical manual (just kidding).

I don't know why, but I just can't seem to bring myself around to exercise when I get like this. I just want to veg. Do absolutely nothing.

Most people tell others in their blog what song they are playing currently at the end of the blog entry. I'm not going to do that. Instead, I'll just share some equally useless factoids:
Current number of open programs listed in my taskbar: 18.
Taskbar position: Left-hand side of the screen (there's actually a story behind this one).