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A Funny Thought...

I just had a really funny thought. I was watching the evening news this evening and just happened to hear Dan Rather or some other equally ancient dude talking about how younger people seem to not care about private savings accounts and all the hoopla surrounding Social Security. My inital thought was, "Well, they don't care because they are watching Cartoon Network instead of the evening news."

At least I thought it was pretty funny. In reality, the reason we don't care is because I can name three things that are on the evening news occupying over half the timeslot:

1) Someone died in Iraq by carbomb/whatever or announcing airport security stinks.
2) Someone discovers that bananas cause cancer or another FDA approved blah blah blah gets mad cow disease or some other such nonsense.
3) Someone is pushing budget balancing, social security reform, this reform, that reform.
(Other, more minor, negative news follows - very rarely any positive news).

Then, this is interweaved with annoying commercials for:

1) Cialis.
2) Viagra.
3) Cars.

I can tell you three things that won't make the evening news:

1) If some company releases a great software product, it won't even get 5 seconds of airtime (only exceptions: Microsoft and IBM can buy ad space pretty much any time they want).
2) If someone makes a positive impact for the Internet, no one on the newscast will bat an over-makeupped eyelash.
3) Any technological advances because the journalists won't bother to write down anything correctly. Journalists have embarrassed themselves so often with technology they don't even cover it any more (IMO, that is a very lame excuse).

No wonder I prefer Cartoon Network: At 6p.m. there is Static Shock and at 6:30 there is Teen Titans (both of which are typically downright hilarious). The commercials aren't trying to sell me what I get in my spam every day...and some of them (e.g. the Pop-Tarts commercials) are actually funny. If the evening news was actually random every day and normal people had a potential chance of being on it and not be the same boring, grimy news for 3 months at a time, younger people might actually watch it.

Oh, and if anyone important from CBS reads this, be sure to fire the old dudes. They are terrible newscasters. And they wear makeup. Seriously, what guy over 50 wants to wear makeup? Eww. I just had a terrible thought: Dan Rather/Tom Jennings in Spandex with makeup on. I think it is time to stop this blog entry.

Quick update on the conversion: It is coming along pretty smoothly. Sort of stuck on a really large piece of the conversion. I've made a huge dependency tree to figure out what I absolutely need and don't need to get to my target destination as fast as possible. Trimming the fat, so to speak.