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My love hate relationship...

Today I hate Microsoft. Some days I'm indifferent. Some days I love the company. Today I hate Microsoft. It has absolutely nothing to do with any Slashdot or Register or other news article. Both of those sites loathe and are hostile toward any company and/or person that makes more than 1 million USD per year. Nope. None of that. It has everything to do with DestroyWindow(). I hate Microsoft's DestroyWindow() function. MSDN Library has this one little innocent comment that caused me to waste an inordinate (and highly frustrating) amount of time today: "A thread cannot use DestroyWindow to destroy a window created by a different thread." WHAT THE...!?! I have words for that that are inappropriate for this blog. I need a good chunk of lye for cleaning of the mouth. Let's think about this. I understand perfectly that people wouldn't want other processes calling DestroyWindow. That's uncouth. However, within the same process, Windows should n

Completely Random Thought of the Day...

Someone was having a conversation with me recently and brought up temperatures at which stuff is frozen. Of course, the conversation went downhill from there. However, I did get to thinking about zero kelvin...the point at which all molecules completely freeze. Unfortunately, my idea is impossible because no one has ever attained zero kelvin yet (we've come close, but not close enough for this idea to work). Here's the rhetorical idea of the day: Take a person or animal or other living thing. What would happen if every molecule of that entity were instantly frozen to zero kelvin, left alone for two years, and then every molecule instantly restored to the temperature it was at before being frozen? In order for such an experiment to work, we would need zero kelvin cold storage AND the ability to immediately alter molecules on an immediate basis AND a couple volunteers. This, of course, would have huge implications if it worked - this freezing/restoring process could perfe

The definitive guide to dinner.

There have been so many debates as to what dinner is and when it is and all that, I finally got fed up tonight and decided to settle the matter once-and-for-all. What follows is the Hitchhiker's Guide to Dinner...or something like that anyway. First off, if you have 42 of anything in your food, whether it be molecules or atoms or subatomic particles, you can sell it on eBay for a few million dollars. The basic definition of dinner is the "chief meal of the day" according to all sorts of dictionaries out there. Therefore, this means that whenever a person feels fullest, they have had dinner. So, if, at the time most people have breakfast, a person feels fullest after, they have had dinner. Universally accepted are the definitions of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, if dinner is had at the time of breakfast, this probably means the person stayed up until 5 and missed breakfast and lunch. That's 5 a.m., not 5 p.m. - just in case anyone needed clarification