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Some thoughts about programming for the "Mobile Web"...

I recently implemented a new feature called Cache Profiles into Barebones CMS . I'm a bit stuck on the documentation because I've had to stop and figure out how I'm going to create a mobile-friendly version of the website. I eat my own dog food after all. Om nom nom. The concept of a "mobile-friendly website" is foreign to some people. A lot of people think, "Our main website displays the exact same on the desktop, iOS, Android, etc. and therefore it is mobile!" That is NOT a mobile-friendly website. If a user has to use pinch-to-zoom or scroll horizontally at all to read the content, you have a desktop-only website. While desktop websites do display on most modern mobile devices, they are NOT mobile-friendly and users will hate you. Actually, that is a pretty good definition of a mobile-friendly website: "A mobile-friendly website is one that displays on small screens such as smartphones, scrolls only in the vertical direction, and is