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Portable Apache + MySQL + PHP for Windows

I'm a big fan of portable apps. They aren't exactly useful as they were intended on a USB thumbdrive, but put them on a regular hard drive and they blow the installer based versions out of the water. One of the big, missing portable apps is an Apache + MySQL + PHP combination. Well, today, I've resolved that issue: Portable Apache + MySQL + PHP for Windows I built the core of that in about 24 hours of work. It took me another 72 hours before completing this application because I needed this: CreateProcess() API for the Command-Line I had to develop that because Apache refused to run in the background (not as a service) detached from the console. Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes you have just dropped a nuke on a fly in terms of problem solving? With the second application, I totally got that feeling as I was developing it. Anyway, I hope you get a lot of use out of these nifty tools!