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GitHub commits publicly reveal your private life

GitHub is a great tool. It enables software developers to work together on open source projects. That's pretty awesome. However, it also unfortunately exposes your personal life to the entire world. It is easy to look at the history log of commits for any given GitHub user and identify their an incredibly creepy level. Using GitHub histories, an attacker can identify when you are probably awake, asleep, at home, and at work. They can also identify habits such as what days of the week you tend to commit code. As well as what days of the week you never commit code. Which days and months you commit the most code and which days and months you do not as well as the frequency of commits. All of that information can be used to derive your physical location in the world, your religion, your favorite sports team(s), and your relationship status with your significant other (if you are on good terms or not, having sex or not, etc). And possibly your hobbies and genera