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Migration to new web server 95% done

A few of my websites went down over the weekend as I moved them over to a new server.  I've been saving moving my two primary domains for a while but I had to bite the bullet and move them due to issues involving storage space. Let me say that I am incredibly happy to have moved my hosting over.  Particularly e-mail.  I spent several months carefully crafting a fairly intricate e-mail setup with postfix and dovecot.  Totally worth the effort.  I've eliminated approximately 95% of all incoming spam.  The difference is night and day:  deluge vs. sprinkle. Everything is running over SSL/TLS for e-mail.  And I'm using SSL/TLS for web administration. The downside is that I lose all of my ancient website layout for my main website.  The site was basically dead anyway so I turned it into a one-page site instead of the ugly mess that it was.