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How to stop marketing spam dead in its tracks

Occasionally, I'll get e-mail marketing messages directed at my business from other businesses. Most of the time I'll just hit delete and I never hear from them again. However, I'll occasionally run into a REALLY persistent entity out there that drops their useless marketing in my in-box daily and also tries to get personal to the point that it is creepy. If their company has a U.S.-based address anywhere, then they are in violation of CAN-SPAM U.S. Federal law, which requires an existing business relationship to initiate contact. All other contact is subject to a maximum $40,654 USD fine per message as per the Federal Trade Commission's website. Here is what I send to the obnoxious, persistent entities: "As per CAN-SPAM U.S. Federal regulations, remove all addresses from your contact list immediately and stop abusing my system resources. You do NOT have an established business relationship with me. Any further contact will be construe

Mozilla Send's archnemesis is Cool File Transfer

On Tuesday, August 1, 2017, CubicleSoft announced the release of jQuery Fancy File Uploader . Then on Thursday, August 3, 2017, the announcement of Mozilla Send reached Slashdot . Over this past weekend, CubicleSoft responded to the challenge and built a better solution called Cool File Transfer: Check out the Cool File Transfer GitHub repository Cool File Transfer is better since it skips the intermediate file storage on a third-party system and therefore can perform unlimited data transfers. If /tmp is a RAM drive, then nothing ever hits the disk! (Utilizing temporary file system storage is how PHP handles all file uploads.) There's no file size limit, it is easily hosted on internal, higher-performance and trusted infrastructure (e.g. an Intranet on gigabit Ethernet), recipients don't have to be running modern browsers, and it just plain works. Woo! Done and done. Mozilla, now that just one software developer has completely crushed your latest project, pleas