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And now for something completely nostalgic

Remember when video games like Super Mario Bros. were made? I occasionally visit because they usually have decent games made in honor of their television shows. Some of their older games aren't very good but most "my first game ever" games aren't. That said, I ran across a somewhat Zelda-like nostalgic game (albeit MUCH easier than Zelda) sometime last year and couldn't beat it. The game is called Puffy Treasure Island (in honor of the Puffy Ami Yumi cartoon show): Puffy Treasure Island Game Somewhere during the process, I started taking screenshots and started building a map in Photoshop. I eventually ran out of time to work on it and had to get back to doing real work. This weekend I started clearing out my hard drive and doing a bunch of "odds-and-ends" tasks that have accumulated over the past 6 months and ran across the partial map. Last night I set out with determination to finish the game and create a visual map: Click the

Is it me?

Is it me or are Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB/Q/whatever letters they choose to use) articles just vanishing from existence? I'm looking for a specific article and it no longer exists - anywhere. It is referenced from about 50 or so places on Google and several times in MSDN itself but Microsoft has apparently deleted it and no one bothered to quote the code contained within anywhere. I'm wondering if this is an intentional move in preparation for Vista's release. Silently destroy old KB articles forcing companies to spend lots of money in support calls to get the information again only offered through, say, private channels so repeated cash flow comes in through their technical support call centers. Anyone else having problems or is it just me?

Symantec injunction against Windows Vista

Symantec Corp. (owner of recently acquired Veritas Corp.) is suing Microsoft Corp. and is attempting to gain an injunction to stop the release of Windows Vista. Or something like that. You can read the details here: In my opinion, Symantec is making a fatal mistake here by suing Microsoft. I have yet to see a company sue Microsoft that actually gets Microsoft's attention and then survives the squishing that follows. Frankly, Symantec, owner of Norton Antivirus, should leave Microsoft well alone. (And if you own a copy of Norton AV, you might want to consider finding another company for your AV needs before you hear a giant squishing sound coming from the Symantec corner). Compared to Microsoft, Symantec is a little tiny bug to be eventually stepped on. Symantec is only rushing to their fate by suing Microsoft. Historically, companies that sue other companies are usually in the final throes of life as a compa