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Setting up WPA2-Enterprise + AES with Ubuntu 12.04.2 + FreeRADIUS with EAP-TLS only (The Definitive Guide)

After spending a LOT of time researching, waiting, more researching, and almost giving up on WiFi, I've finally figured out a secure enough WiFi setup that I think has a pretty good chance of standing up to scrutiny. It is called EAP-TLS and it is serious Kung Fu (aka REAL security). Unfortunately, to implement said Kung Fu, the protocol requires a RADIUS server. And, to get said RADIUS server at an affordable price, FreeRADIUS is needed and therefore Linux is necessary. And the easiest Linux to use is (usually) Ubuntu. But, after scouring the Internets, I've also determined that there are NO good tutorials on setting up a basic FreeRADIUS EAP-TLS system at home under Ubuntu 12.04.2 using the apt-get packages for FreeRADIUS. This, therefore, is the definitive guide mostly cobbled together from a number of different sources. I'm assuming a half-decent understanding of Linux command-line editing, a fresh installation of Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 LTS on a computer on the n