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Eliminating web advertisements

I've discovered the perfect solution to removing advertisements from 99% of all websites. Well, I've known about the solution for a long time but only last night found the last piece to the puzzle. A little known aspect of Windows computers is the 'hosts' file. Linux people use this file all the time for various purposes just because Linux is all about editing configuration files. Gag. Anyway, I've known for some time that I can eliminate advertisements on the web by poisoning my DNS cache via a modified 'hosts' file. At this point you are wondering about various things like, "What is DNS?" "What is a DNS cache?" "What is DNS cache poisoning?" I'm so glad that you are asking smart questions like those instead of clicking the 'back' button. DNS is short for Domain Name Server. Basically, when you type in , a query is made to your ISP's DNS server to obtain an IP address for .