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Truly free SSL certificates are here!

I and many other people have been waiting for a decade for this, but truly free SSL certificates with a root certificate installed in every browser is finally available. It used to be that to get a signed cert, you had to shell out tons of money. That was and is a ripoff. SSL certs cost ISPs nothing to produce and are pure profit. Even the EV validated certs (green bar) are a huge ripoff - sure the setup fee might make some sense where they do real checking, but, after that, the renewal process is entirely automated. Some places want $400 per certificate per year. This is one of the hosting/reseller industry's best-kept secrets. I've been keeping a very close eye on the free SSL certificate market for a while now. Every couple of months for the past decade, I've run a search query like "free SSL cert" and looked carefully at the results. The first organization that popped up on my radar was . It was exciting when I first saw this because it