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An adventure in writing a PECL extension for PHP

Okay this isn't so much a guide on how to write a PECL extension as it is to discuss my recent experience in writing a PHP extension, publishing it, and documenting it. My hope is that by reading through the struggles I went through, that others can benefit. Writing an extension for PHP requires serious skills and patience. Extension writing is a complex macro dance and really requires good planning to pull off successfully. In my case, I wanted to introduce native named synchronization objects into PHP. This is something I've felt has been missing from the language for far too long and I didn't see anyone else doing work in the area. The first thing I did was write a cross-platform library in C++: Cross-platform C++ library Writing a C/C++ library as a proof-of-concept is a good start to writing a PHP extension. I highly recommend it. Developing a separate library allowed me to work out most of the kinks in the logic apart from the Zend engine. After I solidi