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The best 250 family-friendly movies...according to statistics!

I occasionally do fun personal projects that are just for me. For the past couple of weeks, I have been occupied with a personal project to pull large swaths of content down from the Internet and ingesting them into a multi-gigabyte database for the singular purpose of finding "good" movies that I haven't seen before. It took a while to decide what "good" would be qualified as. I'm not a fan of most PG-13 and R-rated films because they tend to just be gross for a wide variety of reasons but plenty of PG and even G-rated films have issues too. Very few films make it above the garbage heap and manage to be actually good (e.g. acting, CG/VFX, musical score, singing). However, sifting through hundreds of thousands of movies manually to find the good stuff is not how software developers do things. Let's just say that there was some mischief with web scraping involved using the Ultimate Web Scraper Toolkit . I ended up combining three different database