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The Equifax $125 cure may be worse than the disease

A couple of years ago, Equifax was breached and huge tracts of data were dumped. The Equifax CEO and other leadership dumped a bunch of stocks days after discovering the hack and a month prior to the announcement for "unrelated reasons" (yeah, right). The apology by the CEO for the data breach rang hollow with everyone and he eventually stepped down with a $90 million USD golden parachute. The breach was partially caused by lax policies regarding keeping the software running on their servers up to date. But no one in the software security industry was shocked that any of this happened - it's the same old story of greed, lax security policies, and not regularly pentesting infrastructure. The news this week is covering the landmark FTC settlement with Equifax and a page on the FTC website has been set up that links to the Administrator website for the claim proceedings: The d