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Making a web browser

After a recent run around with a whole bunch of JavaScript code, I now have new names for all the popular web browsers out there: Internet Explorer = Internet Exposer Netscape = Netscrape FireFox = Flaming Fart Safari = Roy Horn Opera = It's Over! Opera doesn't really need a name change. The name itself implies that "the fat lady" will sing or has already sung. Images of a large woman in a viking outfit singing really high notes, cracked glasses, chandeliers shattering, and general disaster ensuing is a sufficient enough association. The "it's over" is a reference to's various "issues" of "Teen Girl Squad" where everyone is usually killed off in fairly grotesque manners. Safari reminds me of Roy Horn. A Las Vegas magician with no brain cells - stick your head in a tiger's mouth, you'll get it lopped off for you. Tiger is also the name of the latest Mac OS. Hmm... A search for "Flaming Fart