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ASP Software Drawing at SIC 2007

So this year I won't make it (again) to SIC. The 2007 Shareware Industry Conference is probably going to be lively this year given that this is also the 20th Anniversary of the ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals): This year the ASP has a hospitality suite: Expensive, spacious, and only a few available each year. In other words, they went all out. Crazy people, those ASP members. Part of the events that will take place in the suite is a drawing in which they give away registered versions of shareware products. So while I won't actually be at the conference, my products will be. Let's see, I sent 5 CDs to the person in charge: 2 copies of VerifyMyPC 2.6 (registered version, of course) 2 copies of MyTaskFocus 1.1 (registered) 1 year license of MyUpdate Toolkit (a $250 retail value) If you add it up, that's $310 worth of software product (excluding burning*, shipping, and handling costs). For me, being a small software company and all