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Day 3 - SIC 2005

Wow. I meant to post yesterday, but I was extremely busy and I was so exhausted I could not even blog about it. I went to a number of sessions, but missed portions of the afternoon ones. I missed the session on UI design because I was talking to people about ShareWrap. There is a lot of interest and excitement about the product activation system that does not "phone home". Microsoft is here at the conference and they had a session where they presented something that is shipping with their Visual Studio .NET 2005 product called the "Shareware Starter Kit". I will be publishing a PowerPoint presentation that describes what all has to be used in order to get it to actually work in the first place. At the exhibit I was literally swamped. I was executing about three conversations at once and needed to be doing about five at a time to keep up with the rate of people arriving. Thankfully the PowerPoint presentations explained both what the Microsoft SSK (that'

Day 2 - SIC 2005

Today I found out that Internet access is "free" at the expense of moving to a public area and having to turn on my computer's firewall. However, that is a small price to pay compared to the rediculous $9.95 US per 24 hours of access that was originally thought to exist. Very few places actually do that rate any more. I guess they can get away with it because the hotel is "super fancy." Silly hotel. I hung out with a couple people (Hi Carolyn and Jessie) from TechSmith today (a former life) after they spotted me. Well, technically I spotted them first, but only because I knew they were coming because they are sponsoring SIC 2005. I told them about this blog, so they are probably thrilled I mentioned them (and possibly annoyed as well because I mentioned them). I met a whole ton of people today from a number of companies. As usual, I supplied all sorts of advice and advertised my products - perfecting my sales pitch for the ShareWrap product. Actually,

Day 1 - SIC 2005

Unfortunately, I do not have access to the Internet at this point. The price for access is a rediculous $9.95 (US) per 24 hours here at the Hyatt. You would think that for about 450+ technical geeks at a single gathering wireless Internet access would be one of those nice convienences they simply give out for free. As it is, I am going to have a heck of a time getting the overhauled Powerpoint presentation onto my main PC. Oh yeah, I changed the Powerpoint after giving a short presentation to a guinea pig audience of people who don't understand the technology. That opened my eyes to the major details I was leaving out. The Colorado mountains are actually quite lovely this time of year. While Michigan has skiing and stuff up north, I don't get up there very often. Besides too many jokes have been made of "Youppers" (Upper-peninsula). I took some photographs on my way back from visiting some relatives of the mountains and they are quite picturesque. As to the