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Frustrated by spam? Blame the IETF. I sure did today on their primary mailing list. I probably sparked a war :) Just in case they choose to block the post, it is here for posterity's sake. Some guy named John wrote something that sort of triggered a lot of bottled up angst for the IETF. Partly because the IETF has turned, in the past few years, into a bunch of technically-correct drunkards. Instead of actually doing stuff at BOF (Birds of a Feather) meetings, they get drunk. Every time I receive a piece of spam, I think about how the IETF is not doing anything about it. Anyway, here is John's post and my witty reply: ------------ > John C Klensin wrote: >[..] > >> But the notion that the IETF can prevent something from happening or >> being deployed by declining to register it, or by turning our >> collective backs on it without any real explanation -- even at the >> waist of the hourglass-- is, in this world, just delusional. And, if >>