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A call to open source developers: Let's eliminate ICANN.

In the field of Internet development - ICANN and Network Solutions/Verisign are eyesores. There is a very unhealthy relationship between the two organizations and ICANN holds a monopoly on the Internet as a whole by holding the domain name infrastructure hostage. On July 1, 2010, a price hike for .COM and .NET domain names will take place (VeriSign is the sole registrar for those TLDs). That means it will cost more to purchase and maintain those type of domain names. The core problem is the Domain Name System (DNS) as a whole. It was designed in the dark ages of the Internet by a bunch of nerds to map a name to an IP address. It was wholly owned by InterNIC, now known as ICANN through various transactions - or at least that is the best I can explain it in a single sentence. The original Internet (ARPANET) was designed to supposedly be robust in the event of nuclear war and people like it for its supposed anonymity. Basically, the Internet was a United States Department of Defen

What I've been doing for the past year...making a CMS.

Over the past year, I have, ever so slowly, been dropping off the radar of my usual stomping grounds. Basically, I've spent the past year positioning myself in the industry to stay relevant and gear up for the next decade of software development. Where is the software industry headed? Simply put, we are headed to a very mobile realm. What exactly that will look like is anyone's guess. What fascinates and intrigues me is always-on Internet in the palm of my hand. THAT, to me, is mobile. The problem we currently face in the mobile arena is that no one is making a device I want to program for. I willingly program in two languages: C/C++ and PHP. Since no one makes a multitouch device that I can write plain ol' C/C++ for (yet), I'm left with PHP. To that end, I've started down a rather interesting path: This past year, I wrote my own Content Management System (CMS). For the past few years I've experimented with all sorts of lame-brained product ideas (s