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Victim of GitHub: Changelogs

GitHub is pretty awesome. It represents just about the perfect balance of everything software developers have been longing for, which sums up why it is popular. But there is a victim: Changelogs. Before GitHub, the "changelog" was the mainstay of software releases. It told users of a particular piece of software what was going to go horribly wrong should they upgrade to the latest version. It was the primary form of communication between the developer and users of a given piece of software. It tended to be highly technical but an observant user could identify potentially problematic areas of the software and test those areas in their environment before deploying. 'git' encourages fast, quick changes along the lines of "release early, release often". GitHub, based around git, is therefore directly affected by any side effects of git. Development becomes more of a stream of consciousness rather than blocks of development with set milestones and a