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Linux LVM is a disaster

I just got done converting my last LVM enabled system to non-LVM. Not by choice, mind you, but because Linux LVM is a disaster and creates disasters. Every system I've ever deployed Linux LVM to (servers mostly because Ubuntu Server LTS edition "recommends" it), I've encountered nothing but problems. I've got a decade of experience deploying and running Linux servers so it's not a competence issue. LVM is a technology that simply isn't ready for real production environments. LVM also lacks mature community support when things go sideways. RedHat created and barely maintains LVM, which is all I need to know since anything RedHat touches usually winds up a convoluted mess. What is Linux LVM (that's lvm2 to the initiated)? In short, LVM is a set of user and kernel space modules that give greater control over partitioned space. To that end, it works pretty well. You can partially assign partition space on a drive and leave the extra storage avai