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What is wrong with European/German law?!

About two to three times per month, some random business in Europe will come out of the woodwork and e-mail me wanting to use one of my open source software products and say something to the effect of:
Please send me a quote, an agreement, or contract in order to use [open source software product XYZ].
It's open source under an open source software license. In the case of open source CubicleSoft software, I generally offer TWO licenses that you can choose from! Every time I see that type of silly e-mail, I'm reminded of a joke article I read a long time about shooting oneself in the foot with various programming languages that started off with C:
You shoot yourself in the foot.
And ultimately devolved into 370 JCL:
You send your foot down to MIS with a 4000-page document explaining how you want it to be shot. Three years later, your foot comes back having been deep-fried in duck fat.
Trying to communicate that open source software is open source to a business that will only acquire software requiring a quote or a contract is roughly equivalent to:
  • Trying to calmly explain to a small child why playing with knives is a bad idea while they are playing with knives.
  • Getting teeth pulled without painkillers.
  • Dunking your feet in hydrofluoric acid. They were already detached due to sending them down to MIS with one having been returned to you deep-fried!
I've learned to hit delete and just ignore these people. I can't be bothered to care nor have the time to waste on pointless contracts that do nothing but waste everyone's time. But seriously Europe, especially Germany, figure out your legal framework already!